06 February, 2013

ITO # 31796-026

MERCY CORPS/CAIP, a non-governmental humanitarian organization, extends this invitation to your organizations to submit offers for the service provision on below statet Lots. More than one supplier or no supplier may be selected as a result of this Invitation to Tender.  



The design company will be engaged to conduct design of construction projects (community buildings, sport halls, sport fields and similar, local roads, water supply, sanitation, atmospheric water etc), which will include the assessment, production of drawings and related technical documentation and structural assessment of existing buildings.


 LOT: 1           Civil engineering design companies

 LOT: 2           Architectural design companies




·        Registration certificate with the Kosovo Authorities for the activities required.

·        Experience in the design of similar projects.

·        Experience in working with International Governmental and Nongovernmental Institutions.

·        Ability to perform design tasks in a fast and professional manner.

·        Ability to work in areas with Serb community majorities. (most work concerning the projects are in the north of Kosovo, and the bidder will be expected good cooperation with local institutions in order to provide the necessary documentation).



  • Offers should include a copy of the Business Registration Document,
  • Fiscal Number
  • VAT certificate.
  • Offers must include at least 3 references from similar projects.

·        Offers must state ITO Number # 31796-026 in the outside of the envelope.

·        Offers must be delivered in sealed envelopes to the Mercy Corps main office, located at Bedri Shala 38/C, Bregu i Diellit  Pristina, and  Mercy Corps CAIP office located at Cika Jovina 13 in North Mitrovicë/a.

·        Mercy Corps reserves the right to reject any or all offers received.

·        Offers should have a validity of at least 120 days after the deadline date and time.

·        The issuance of this invitation does not constitute an award commitment of the part of Mercy Corps nor does it commit Mercy Corps to pay for the costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an offer.

·        Final award of any resultant contract or contracts will not be made until all necessary MC internal procedures have been completed. A final decision will NOT be announced at this bid opening.

·        The deadline date and time for this invitation will be 14 February 2013 16:00 hrs. Any offer delivered after indicated deadline may not be taken into consideration.

·        Offers will be reviewed by the Mercy Corps Procurement Committee soon after the closing date.  Any bidder representative may attend bid opening, however participation is not mandatory. Opening of the offers will occur on 15 February 2013 at 13:00 hrs at the Mercy Corps office at Cika Jovina 13 in North Mitrovicë/a.

·        Notification will be made within one week of a decision by the Mercy Corps Procurement Committee.

In order to collect the tender documentation for LOT1 and LOT2 please contact the procurement department at e-mail fhaziri@ks.mercycorps.org or phone number 038-549-704.